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Winter Leagues



Adult Soccer

Men's - Co-Ed - Women's

Challenge yourself in a team setting that promotes skills building and competition. 

These leagues include 14 weeks of play as each team battles for the title of champions!


Youth Volleyball

Junior - Intermediate

Junior and Intermediate Volleyball Clubs include 12 weeks of fundamental and play. 

Participants will gain knowledge of  volleyball rules, instruction, drills, games, club competition, fun and friendship.

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Youth Soccer

U6 - U8 - U10 - U12 - U14 -Varsity

Youth Soccer leagues promote health competition, skills-building, and fun. 

Each league includes 12 weeks of play, with the U6 and U9 groups providing fundamental skills building in addition to game time.


Youth Court Club

w. Listowel Squash Courts

12 weeks of play filled with badminton, pickleball and squash rules, coaching, drills, games, in-club tournaments, fun, and friendship. 

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Adult Volleyball


Join a volleyball league that provides play in a fun and social setting, with good competition. 

This league consists of 14 weeks of play as each co-ed team strives to be the winners!


Field Hockey

Pick-Up Thursday Nights

12 weeks of play, starting September 29th, filled one-hour games. Early bird pricing available!

Drop-in pricing is available.


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